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ColWeld Equipment

The equipment has been designed with the user in mind - to make welding as easy and as efficient as possible.  Here are the main features:

ColWeld Worktable

The worktable is 2.4x1 m in size, allowing parts of this size to be welded. The worktable has the following features:

  • A central control panel is provided for mounting the cobot pendant at a height where it is easily accessible by the operator. In addition, buttons are provided to start and pause welding, an emergency stop and a maintenance switch for servicing the welding torch and cobot.

  • Hole Labels for Recording Setup.  To enable a programmed part to be manufactured again, ColWeld is provided with an iPad to record each individual setup. In addition, the hole rows and columns on the table are labelled (rows are numbered 1-8 and columns are labelled A to V) so that clamp positions can be recorded for reusing programs.

  • A storage shelf is supplied under the worktable for storing clamps etc. To keep this area clean, spatter trays are provided underneath each side of the table which slide out for cleaning.

Universal Robot UR10/UR10e

Universal Robots UR10

Universal Robots are the number one brand in collaborative robots and ColWeld uses a UR10/UR10e robot with a reach of 1.3 m. Collaborative robots monitor both the force and speed and stop the robot on impact. The key advantage of ColWeld is the URCAP software that makes the cobot easier to use and program.

EWM Phoenix 355

ColWeld is equipped with a high quality German EWM power supply as standard and the system comes preprogramed with a range of standard weld types for steel (flat and vertical), stainless steel and aluminium. The water cooled torch has teach buttons to make programming easier.  Other power supplies can be provided on request

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