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A wide variety of metals can be welded with the EWM power supply including steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Examples are shown below:

Aluminium Communications Box

2 mm thick aluminium was welded both internally and externally using butt, interior fillet (horizontal and vertical), and lap joints. Three welds were overhead. Circular weaving was used to improve the bead profile and tolerance to fit-up.

Stainless Steel Boxes

cobot welding of stainless steel box

1.6 mm stainless steel was welded at a speed of 800 mm/min saving considerable time over the manual welding process.  The high quality welds significantly reduced the amount of subsequent grinding required for the final product.

Winch Bracket

A steel winch bracket was welded with two workstations.  Weaving was used to give better tolerance to fit-up.  The lug on the reverse side included overhead welds, and weaving enabled a gap of 2.5 mm to be bridged.

Steel Vanity Bracket

A very simple part where a rectangular bar was welded to a steel plate. However it demonstrated ColWeld’s ability to manufacture multiple parts (9) with two workstations (18 total). With ColWeld Workstation it was only necessary to program 6 welds which were then copied across the table!

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